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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer one-off consultations?

Yes, my IBS Flare Up Rescue Power Hour is a one-off consultation. It is a very targeted coaching session where we focus on one area of your diet or lifestyle. If you feel you need more support then maybe one of my coaching packages would be a better fit. 


Can I just book multiple flare up rescue power hours?

I have designed my 30 Day IBS Rest and 60 Day IBS Survival packages for clients who would benefit from working with me for a period of time. The power hours are geared towards supporting you through an IBS flare up.


Which coaching package is right for me?

I am confident I have a package to meet your needs. Book in for a free no obligation clarity call here where we can discuss your options.


How many consultations are included?

This depends on which package you sign up for. You can find out more here.


Can I pay for the package in instalments?

Get in contact with me and we can discuss payment options for you.


What is your cancellation policy for appointments?

Cancellation policies differ depending on what service you have signed up for.


How many supplements are you likely to recommend?

The focus of consultations will be on diet and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your IBS. If I feel supplements would be of benefit then I can recommend up to 3 at one time.


If you do recommend I take a supplement(s) how long will I need to continue taking it/them for?

Supplements are designed to do exactly that, supplement the diet not replace anything. Usually 3 months is needed for the full benefit to be felt by the individual.

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