Energy is a bit like time, we are always wishing we had more and not having enough of it means we often stop doing things we enjoy or that are good for our health like exercise, cooking a healthy meal, going to bed early etc. ⠀

So lets take a look at how to increase energy levels.

The thing with energy is some of the activities that give us more energy like exercise and eating healthily involve some effort on our part. So it’s a bit of catch 22……I want more energy but I’m too tired to cook a nutritious meal or exercise. It’s so easy to get caught in a never ending loop of craving more energy but not doing the very things that give it to us! ⠀

Small consistent changes however can help to break the vicious cycle and a great place to start is with your diet. You wouldn’t fill your car with cheap fuel and expect it to run efficiently so why expect your body to have energy if you don’t eat healthy nutritious food?! Think of your body as a bank and food as currency, energy is the return on your investment! That’s not to say that you have to spend your weekly wages on food, eating healthily is not expensive, in the short or long term and your health is the most worthwhile investment you will ever make.⠀

So what small changes can you make to your diet starting today that will make a difference to your energy levels?⠀

📌Focus on eating whole foods and limit intake of sugar and processed foods⠀
📌Have a breakfast with a good amount of protein ⠀
📌Make sure all your meals and snacks are well balanced with protein and healthy fats ⠀
📌Don’t leave long gaps between eating⠀
📌Swap your afternoon coffee for a caffeine free alternative ⠀
📌Drink 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day ⠀

Doing even one of the above will improve your energy, practice all of these healthy habits and your energy levels will soar. Of course movement, sleep and stress can also impact energy levels but concentrating on proper nutrition first off often yields great results.⠀

What healthy habits do you notice give you more energy?