Are hidden sugars bad for health? Sugar comes in many forms, it’s found NATURALLY in fruit as fructose, in dairy products as lactose and carbohydrates are broken down into glucose to be used as energy by the body. REFINED sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets and is found as sucrose, a combination of glucose and fructose. Food manufacturers also use a chemically produced sugar, high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods and drinks. These sugars are considered hidden sugars as they are not found naturally but rather added during production. 

How the body handles natural and refined sugar is very different. When you eat refined sugars they are broken down very quickly in turn causing blood sugar and insulin levels to rapidly rise. This obviously has a big impact on blood sugar balance. The natural sugar found in fruit (in it’s whole state) and some complex carbohydrates is typically accompanied with fibre (unlike refined sugar) which slows the digestion and release of sugar and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. ⠀
There is a caveat to this however, as once the sugar reaches the small intestine from the stomach to be absorbed the body does not recognise whether it came from a piece of fruit or a soft drink. If your blood sugar levels are already high then it will either be converted to glycogen which can be converted to glucose as a quick energy source at a later stage or stored as fat. So overall sugar consumption is important. ⠀

Eating a diet high in refined sugar can have many negative health implications including increasing the risk of:⠀
-type 2 diabetes⠀
-heart disease ⠀
-tooth decay⠀
-fatty liver disease ⠀

Eating too much refined sugar has also been linked to depression, dementia and mental decline, acne and accelerated skin ageing, poor energy levels.⠀

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you enjoy an occasional sweet treat? Or do you find yourself craving sugar a lot throughout the day? Blood sugar balance and sugar cravings are one of the main focuses of my nutrition and lifestyle coaching consultations so if you’d like help around this area get in touch today for your FREE 30 minute clarity call.