ABOUT Niamh Walsh

iNWellness Coaching

Helping you achieve your health & lifestyle goals

Hi, I’m Niamh! As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach I educate and support individuals to make sustainable healthier diet and lifestyle changes using a combination of coaching, personalised recommendations, dietary analysis and meal planning.

It is widely accepted that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to health and wellness, instead I offer individuals a client-centred, non-restrictive nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to support all the body systems and to achieve optimal health. I adopt a holistic approach in addressing the individual’s needs and also explore potential barriers to their health.

About Me

Having always being fascinated by the human body I first studied a Bachelor of Science at NUI Galway where I completed my degree in Biochemistry in 2004. Spurred on by an interest in the health sciences and my desire to help others I went on to study a Masters of Pharmacy at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland graduating in 2007.

I have been working as a Community Pharmacist for the past 12 years and more recently completed a Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with the Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin and am registered with the UK Health Coaches Association (no such body exists in Ireland currently).

Over my years working as a community pharmacist I have witnessed first hand the negative impact that poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on a person’s physical health. Many of the modern day chronic diseases we currently face, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease are predominantly diet and lifestyle related and making simple changes in these areas can have a very positive effect on a person’s overall health.

I believe we need to move away from the attitude of “there’s a pill for every ill”. I am passionate about empowering individuals to gain more control over their own health.

My Personal Health Journey

Having being very healthy for most of my childhood, teens and university years I began to experience some health challenges when I embarked on my career as a pharmacist.

Working in a fast paced demanding environment with long hours and little or no formal breaks I began to notice a negative impact on my own health.

During this time my nutrition and lifestyle habits were not always supportive of a healthy body and mind. I tried many avenues in order to regain my health but many of these were disempowering and ultimately I realised that the key to feeling better lay in overhauling my diet and lifestyle.

In 2019 I also experienced my own personal health scare and proper nutrition and self-care formed an integral part of my recovery and I continue to practice these healthy habits.